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Friday, July 18, 2014

18th July

Bushy Park

No bird news today, just a bit on insects.

Brown Argus: Not that I was able to get a photo it was just to flitty and it was b----- hot. I am not sure how common this species is in the London area but it was my first for the capital and what a beauty he was.






Not being an entomologist I have no idea what species these are. If you do please feel free to enlighten me.




On such a hot day feel sorry for tree teams that are getting dressed up in all this PPE to remove OPM nests. The top nest is barely the size of a tennis ball, while the one below is melon size.



Eland said...

Tony, just tried to go for an evening wander. A drunken chap warned me to turn back incoherently muttering about ants, I ignored the advise naively and walked on. Then a MASSIVE Swarm of flying ants (red) attacked en masse biting us. Never seen anything like that before, were thousands of them. Ran for it and got back in with 5-6 huge red lumps which are soothing 30 mins later. Can you shed any light?

Joe Beale said...

Interesting about the Brown Argus. Had one in Greenwich Park and one on Blackheath this week (my first in this area, although they were quite possibly around before)- they seem to be spreading north with warmer weather. Btw the reddish fly with the curved abdomen is a parasite of bumblebees, but I forget the name.

Tony Duckett said...

That was unfortunate, there must be something in the Bushy Park air recently. Yesterday a girl minding her own business was attacked by a Fallow Deer.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Joe.
There does seem to be a northly movement of some species, though I haven't seen many Painted Lady's yet. Thanks also for the heads up on the fly.

Joe Beale said...

Hi Tony, I meant that the Brown Argus has been spreading north with warmer summers - so recolonising rather than migrating. At least that's according to the Lewington-illustrated butterfly book. Found another 2 territorial males this afternoon - definitely established here now.