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Sunday, September 21, 2014

21st September

I returned home from 2 days in Norfolk having done no birding what so ever. These home improvements are causing me to miss some good birding opportunities.

I hate doing it just in case a lifer has turned up in Norfolk and I am nowhere near it, but when I checked the RBA I was shocked to read Yellow-browed Warbler Regent’s Park. I then listened to my voicemails, Birdman Euston had seen a warbler in an area with no public access. He has been told before not to enter this area but I might forgive him this time(please remember that it is an offence to enter the area, which does have a police presence). His message stated that he had seen a bird that may have been a Greenish Warbler but when calling sounded like a Yellow-browed. I then phoned Dave, who said “ where are you, get up here quick”. I was there within 5 minutes and after about 15 anxious minutes had located the bird with a few tits and a couple of Chiffchaffs. It then returned to it favourite area that is shown on the photo. It is best to stand back from the fence to allow yourself a wider viewing area and also so that you do not disturb the bird. 


I could pretend that this is the bird, unfortunately it isn’t, I thought I would just show you what a gem this species is. I am still camera less and am just praying that it is repaired before my Scilly adventure in just under 2 weeks.


The red circle is the tree that the bird favours


glen mcdonal Writer said...

I think that makes Daves' 5.....A lovely bird....hope it stays around.
Hope your camera is repaired soon too.

Tony Duckett said...

It is z cracking little bird and in the heart of London. I must learn to respect my optics from now on.