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Friday, September 26, 2014

26th September

Bushy Park.


The Scrape viewed from DH Passage

I spent much of the day removing vegetation from the scrape so that there was more open areas. The aim to try and attract some winter ducks, possibly the odd Snipe or 2 and to allow those that view it from Dukes Head Passage a better chance of bumping into something.

While I was there today I saw;

Red Kite: one flew west mobbed by squawking flock of parakeets. The Kite was probably deaf by the time they got bored of mobbing him.

Common Buzzard: one flew in from the west and dropped into the line of oaks that run east to west.

Hobby: I had a couple of brief sightings of birds flying at tree top height along the river. The cool blustery conditions meant that flying insects were few.

Sparrowhawk & Kestrel: I had several sightings of both species, with one Kestrel hovering above me while I tried to take a photo of a Stonechat. I wondered why the chat suddenly took refuge in a nearby Hawthorn.

Tree Pipit: one flew west at 11.30am.

Meadow Pipit: 14 mainly single birds headed west.

Grey Wagtail: 3 fly overs.

Blackcap & Chiffchaff: at least 8 of each species were feeding in the scrub by the entrance from Dukes Head Passage into the park.


It is a shame that he isn’t agile enough to catch these pests.



One second she is on show the next she’s off to a nearby tree.




Once the Kestrel had moved off, she returned to a prominent position.


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