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Sunday, October 12, 2014

12th October

Rarity update Isles of Scilly

Wilson’s Snipe

Having seen this American species in the UK 3 times before I am always checking the snipe on the Isles of Scilly. When a flock of 11 flew in off the sea and then around Peninnis Head on St Mary’s having first looked at them through bins I decided to try and take a few photos even though the light wasn’t that good. It had become clear that not all these birds looked the same in particular there bellies and underwing. Some appeared to have less white on their bellies and underwing. Later that day a small group of what could have been the same birds were on view outside the ISBG hide at Lower Moors. I noticed that one had a different plumage colour and wing coverts to at least 3 of the other 5 birds on show. The other was slightly obscured by rushes, so I concentrated on the one in the open amongst the others. This bird also had less white on its underparts as well as possibly showing more orange on the tail. These birds were only present for one day unless they’d moved to another nearby site. We did see 4 birds come up from a field west of the Standing Stones Field.

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