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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

14th October

Kensington Gardens

I should have learnt by now never leave the camera behind even if the light and forecast is poor. I had meeting for much of the day but with a little time beforehand to check on some of this parks habitats. When I left my house this morning the first birds that I saw were 40 high flying Redwings. This brought back memories of the days in the past when we have witnessed migration over London, that has involved 100’s of birds.                                                           My first stop in Ken Gardens was the Round Pond, as soon as I got out of the car a flock of 200 Redwings headed west. In the next hour and a quarter I witnessed a migration spectacular.

Great Skua: while standing by the Long Water my attention was drawn to a lazily flapping large bird heading east. I was gobsmacked to see a Bonxie (close enough for a good record shot, if only) start to soar over Buckhill before dissappearing into the low cloud.

Redwing: 2700 In the time I had whilst scrutinizing habitats flocks of varying sizes from 6 to 300+ headed mainly west. On occasions some would drop down into trees before quickly moving on. How long it eventually went on I do not know but quite often it stops around 10.00am.

Song Thrush: 50 in one’s and two’s headed westwards.

Blackbird: 40 also headed in the same direction some amongst the Redwings. I was unable to turn any into Ring Ouzels.

Meadow Pipit: 6 singles headed south.

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