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Friday, October 17, 2014

17th October

Regent’s Park

Ring Ouzel: one flew NE this morning.

Redwing: 200+ flew west in small flocks.

Meadow Pipit: 40 flew west.

Chiffchaff: 2 in the Cricket Pen area 31.

Yellow-browed Warbler: birds are like buses, once you see one another quickly follows. What a great find this morning and the bird was still present at the end of the lake or in the Cricket Pen until 2.00pm. It then moved to the large Sycamore in the grounds of St Johns Lodge, before returning to the Oak where it showed well before last being seen in a dead Elder on the end of the island.

Brambling: 6 flew west at 1.40pm.

Bushy Park

I didn’t have much time to bird today, Fridays are always a bit busier.

Teal: A pair, my first of the autumn were on the Scrape.

Skylark: 10 were present in the Skylark Zone, while 7 flew west.

Meadow Pipit: a small passage was observed and a flock of 34 were in the open Bracken areas in the Skylark Zone.

Redwing: 280 headed west before 9.00am.

Brambling: 4 flew west.

Siskin: one flew west.



With little time to take photos and the failure of the Yellow-browed Warbler to sit out in the open on a dead branch here are some Deer pics.

It is really important when taking photos of the deer you do it without causing them to behave in a different manner. They shouldn’t feel pressured so having people all around them or on 3 sides as one stag and his harem were today is bad practice. With long lens’s use common sense and keep you distance.


Deer paparazzi in Bushy Park this morning.






nbBrown said...

Theres a guy with a long lens mounted on a shotgun barrel always jumping fence in the royal parks getting too close to bearded tits and kestrels. Sets a bad example to others.

Tony Duckett said...

I go where I am allowed and not like some trespass, have bought a big lens and have no idea what they are taking and have no field craft. I see them constantly how close do they need to get. I never flush birds I let them come to me as with the Reedlings.