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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

19th November

Bushy Park

Common Buzzard: one flew from the line of Oaks in the Brew House Meadow towards the Woodland Gardens.

Kingfisher: one was on the Scrape.

Stonechat: a male was perched on the Bulrushes in the Scrape.

Redwing: 180+ flew west prior to 9.00am.

Cettis Warbler: one was singing in scrub at the eastern end of Dukes Head Passage at 8.30am.

Reed Bunting: at least 6 were feeding in the reed beds in the Brew House Meadows.

Yesterday I was in Kensington Gardens


This Jay was looking for a peanut that another bird had just hidden.


The eyes of a Cormorant are almost as stunning as one of my favourite birds the Gannet






glen mcdonal Writer said...

Reed warblers still here?
Are there any records of them over wintering? Or are they young yet to leave?
I'll have to look up a Gannet an see the colour of its eye.

Tony Duckett said...

Reed Warblers are unlikely to winter in the UK, although there has been records during the winter months.