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Sunday, January 11, 2015

11th January

Regent’s Park

Heron: 11 birds back on their nests, one female has possibly laid her 1st eggs.

Little Gebe: 4 birds on the main lake.

Mandarin: 28 birds on Heron Island, area 8.

Shoveler: 26 on area 8.

Sparrowhawk: males were seen in areas 12 and 31.

Redwing: 15 feeding on the ground in area 40.

Blackcap: 2 were feeding on mahonia berries in area 3.

Chiffchaff: one still in area 2.






16 Common Gulls were on the lake this morning

Is this a mystery to you



glen mcdonal Writer said...

Yes it is a mystery.....having a guess at buzzard...tail looks black and head small....honey buzzard.?

Tony Duckett said...

No not a Buzzard

piers said...

Was this seen recently? Goshawk?

Bill said...

High flying Jackdaw...?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Bill & Piers,

I believe it is an accipiter, for some reason it has a short tail but a large head.

If anyone else cares to air their views I would welcome them.

piers said...

maybe it's looking down? It looks like quite a big bird to me. What would you plump for if you had to say?

Tony Duckett said...

My opinion is that the bird is a female Sparrowhawk