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Thursday, January 15, 2015

15th January

Kensington Gardens

Scaup: the 1st winter drake is still present but on the 2 occasions I passed The Round Pond it was a fair way off.


What ever he is finding to eat, the Black-headed Gulls want a piece of it.




Even the Canada Geese have a tough time trying to hold on to their pieces of bread.

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Ralph Hancock said...

Good to meet you at the Round Pond on Tuesday. Today I met Paul Hawkins (who runs Hawkys Blog) there, and he said that you had a picture of two Peregrines quarrelling over a Ring-Necked Parakeet. At the moment I am assisting Jeff Martin (who collaborates with Heimo Mikkola in studying owls) in writing a short article for British Birds on predation of parakeets by owls and raptors, and I know that he would love to see and, if possible, use this picture. If you would be willing to release it, please contact me at hancock[at]dircon[dot]co[dot]uk .