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Friday, February 20, 2015

20th February

Kensington Gardens


Can you spot the bird? Video of bird singing below.

I had several jobs and meetings to attend in KG today, one was to discuss further habitat improvements to the Long Water. While we were talking a familiar sound rang out from across the water. It was of a bird that I normally hear at Cley or Titchwell on the North Norfolk coast. It was a Cetti’s Warbler, though at times it did utter some strange notes. I wasn’t able to confirm not that it needed confirmation but I did want to view a bird rarely recorded in Central London. In fact I think Kensington Gardens is the only place that it has been reported from.




The Scaup is still present but on the Serpentine close to the reed bed that held the Bearded Tits a few winters back.




This little fellow is a Maned Goose, and until fairly recently resided in Regent’s Park. Somehow he escaped being pinioned (wing clipped) which is very fortunate as the 3 others he used to be with were taken by a fox. He now tags along with the Egyptian Geese.

Great-black-backed Gull: a 1st winter was on the Long Water at 9.10am.



Linda said...

Lovely photos...and I can spot the bird. :)

glen mcdonal Writer said...

Bird???!!! What bird?
Great photo.
Why hasn't the Sacup gone?