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Friday, February 06, 2015

6th February

Kensington Gardens

Scaup: the 1st winter drake is still present on the Round Pond and so confident it actually comes within 1m of the members of public that are feeding the other waterfowl. It was also displaying to female Tufted Ducks.

Shoveler: 44 were on the Long Water, some feeding in a tight circle.

Tawny Owl: present early morning.

Little Owl: peaking out of his hole in the Oak, disappeared when people with cameras stood directly under the tree. I keep nest locations a secret otherwise the birds natural behaviour can be compromised by people getting to close.

Redwing: at least half a dozen feeding on the ground.




The new gravel island has been constructed, I have just got to do some small adjustments before it will be left to the birds to give us their opinions. Some have already investigated it.


The final few dumper loads are being tipped before a digger carries out the shaping.


With all the shingle in place and the machinery off site the first visitors check it out.



The tern raft is in position but I might leave it without gravel until mid April to try and deter unwanted visitors.


Regent’s Park & Richmond Park

Several pairs of Grey Herons are now incubating, with this very cold wind they are keeping very low in the nests to prevent the eggs from chilling.


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