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Sunday, February 08, 2015

8th February

Regent’s Park

Still relatively quiet in here as it is in all the parks.

Little Gebe: 3 on the main lake.

Grey Heron: at least 11 birds on nests.

Shoveler: 42 on Heron Island, area 8.

Great crested Grebe: 3 on the main lake also.

Sparrowhawk: a pair displaying above Queen Mary’s Gardens this morning.

Great spotted Woodpecker: 4 males drumming.

Green Woodpecker: males were on the ground in areas 9,25 and 33.

Redwing: 6 feeding on the ground in area 30.

Goldcrest: 6 birds in Queen Mary’s Gardens, some singing.





glen mcdonal Writer said...

I walk round the park today and watched the Herons for about an hour...something l have foolishly over looked in the past.
Was great value..
Fantasic videos

Tony Duckett said...

They are possibly taken for granted, however from now until at least early June watching them build nests and then rearing their young is well worth a few minutes around area 9.

piers said...

Very artistic photos of the herons Tony x

Tony Duckett said...

Thank you, I try my best.