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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10th March

Regent’s Park

Today I was instructing a small group of volunteers from Bloomberg and The Royal Parks Foundation. Their task was to dig up blocks of phragmites, these will then be replanted in the failed reed bed on Heron Island.


The only time that I had to bird was while waiting for the group to arrive.

Sparrowhawk: a pair displayed above the Nature Study Centre, later on a very high flying male was being mobbed by a Crow.

Kestrel: an 1st summer male was in the Wetland Pen this morning.


This Heron is on the lookout for frogs, you can see that they are present as there are several clusters of spawn in the Rail Ditch.




These birds were so high they could probably have been able to see the south coast.


This was not the kind of high flying white bellied bird I was hoping to see, an Alpine Swift would have been nice.





ZSL must be doing some building work on the northern bank as a small flock of House Sparrows have moved in to the area around my garden. In the last few years the odd bird would come to my feeders but a flock/colony has never visited.


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