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Saturday, March 21, 2015

21st March

Regent’s Park

With the wind from a northerly direction, there wasn’t much hope of anything interesting turning up. I was proven slightly wrong.

Collared Dove: only my 2nd garden record of a species that is a very scarce visitor to Inner London.

Redwing: 36 east in 2 groups flew over my garden.

Starling: approx 100 birds flew east in 3 flocks

Blackcap: a male was singing close to St Marks Bridge.

Chiffchaff: one was again by Regent’s College. 



Not great photos as they were taken through the kitchen window on a gloomy morning.



It is not a great time of the year to be a frog in the park



glen mcdonal Writer said...

I can't think of any time that l wanted to be a frog.....mind you you'd get good views of Bittens and herons.
Great pics through the kitchen window .

Tony Duckett said...

Not even if you knew a beautiful princess was going to kiss you?