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Friday, March 06, 2015

6th March

Bushy Park


Dawn from my office window and from the other direction it looks as if the dawn has set my office (top window) on fire.


Common Buzzard: the male was over the western side of the park.

Sparrowhawk: a male was buzzed by a murmeration of Starlings over the Brew House Meadows.

Kestrel: a female was over the meadows.

Teal: 4 were on the Scrape.

Gadwall: the pair were again on the Scrape.

Water Rail: 2 were on the Brew House Pools.

Kingfisher: a male was fishing on the pools in the Brew House.

Skylark: three were singing in the Upper Lodge Road area.

Meadow Pipit: one flew over.

Stonechat: a pair were by the Scrape.

Redwing: 60 were on the paddocks before moving into the Woodland Gardens.

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