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Saturday, April 25, 2015

25th April

Regent’s Park

The early morning rain only managed to bring down one new spring passerine species for me but it caused a couple of high fliers to drop down below the overcast skies.

It has been brought to my attention that a regular birder to Regent’s Park keeps going into areas that are not open to the public. I do not want to name this person but if he/she continues then when something of interest should turn up we may take the step and not allow people into see it. So please stop.

Common Shelduck: the wild pair that have been returning for several years brought a group of 9 ducklings on to the lake.

Whimbrel: a small flock of 6 medium sized waders headed north in the rain at 7.00am. The views weren’t great but if I had to name them I would have said Whimbrel.

Arctic Tern: 2 birds flew NW over the Mosque at 7.10am these were followed 5 minutes later by 3 very high flying terns that I wasn’t able to positively ID due to rain on my bins.

Lesser Whitethroat: one was singing in Queen Mary’s Gardens at 6.30am.

The rest of the birds were much the same as the previous couple of days. 


The ducklings are about to take to the water for the first time. The parents are very protective but will they manage to reach the safety of the eastern end of Heron Island without the gulls taking any. They are quite nervous birds so want to get away from the boating area.





A Coot pays the price for coming to close









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