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Saturday, August 15, 2015

15th August

Regent’s Park

No change in the number of species present, possibly slightly fewer phyllosc’s present.

Although you could find migrants almost anywhere the main areas to concentrate are areas 31and 34 at the NE end of the lake or areas 39, 40 & 41. If you choose to look for migrants in area 41 it is best if you stand on the edge of the rough grass and look towards the brambles and scrub that runs along the fence line. If birds are there they will show themselves. You gain nothing from getting closer.

The best areas today were area 32 and 39.

Spotted Flycatcher: 1 possibly 2 were in area 32 but elusive.

Lesser Whitethroat: at least 3 were in area 39.

Common Whitethroat: 4 were in area 39.

Garden Warbler: 2 were in area 39.

Blackcap: 9 were in area 39.

Not one phyllosc was present in 39 while I was there.

Other news

Kingfisher: the bird was showing well on the fence that protects the newest reed bed on the NW side of area 8.

Nuthatch: singles were present in area 32 and 39.


a record shot of the Kingfisher





A Woody working hard for his breakfast

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