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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Regent's Park

Regent's Park 18th November 

After yesterdays rain and strong winds had died down today dawned with clear skies and blustery winds. The winds direction had veered to the NW not the best direction and so it proved with very little in the way of birds passing overhead. There were however a couple of birds to report on;

Redwing: birds were feeding on berries in some of the shrubberies but moved on before 9.00am.
Cetti's Warbler: the bird is still present and sometimes very vocal as it moves around the north eastern end of the lake and area 32.
Chiffchaff: one by Longbridge area 35.
Firecrest: one was reported as showing in the Holme Oak just inside area 41, by the time we got there it had moved further north and into some ivy covered trees. It was quite elusive and only gave a couple of brief views, later in the day we went back to an area that was bathed in bright sunshine but blustery winds. It wasn't long before not one but two birds (a pair) showed very well, the male was the bird that was ringed in early November. It was very difficult to get a photo as they were in among the branches or the ivy that was covering these trees.
Siskin: a couple of singles flew over.
Lesser Redpoll: two singles flew over area 41.


    Firecrest and Goldcrest

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