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Monday, January 18, 2016

Regent's Park

Regent's Park 

The short cold snap has so far failed to cause any birds to move.

Here are some recent photos, nothing special.


    Stock Dove

    Lesser Black-backed Gull

    Yellow-legged Gull or hybrid

The photos below were taken in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens


Arjun Dutta said...

Are the Lesser-Black Backed Gulls in Regents Park like the ones in Hyde Park, which hunt, drown and eat pigeons as I noticed that one of the LBB's had some sort of meat?

Tony Duckett said...

I haven't seen them hunting down the pigeons in the park and I only thought that there was one LBB in Hyde that has made it his mission to hunt down Feral Pigeons. The one being eaten in Regent's could have been a young bird that had fallen from its nest under Longbridge.

Vince Murphy said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for sharing your talent and knowledge here. On December 6, I saw two Whooper Swans waiting to be fed, right near the edge of the lake, seemingly unafraid of people just as the Mute Swans are. I hadn't seen them before, and haven't seen them since. Are these captive swans? Is it unusual to see Whooper Swans in London parks?

Also, I noticed on your New Year's Day list that you observed 2 Woodcocks. Can you tell me where and what time you observed them?

Thanks very much,

Vince Murphy