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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

1st - 8th March picture review

Regent's Park

Careful looking around the park can still reward you with a Firecrest or 2. The last sightings was of a male along the boundary of Winfield House, area 42. St Johns Lodge where a pair were seen at the end of last month has been closed due to the ground being waterlogged. In the last couple of days Redwing's and Song Thrush's in one's and two's have headed eastwards.

   When I saw a Heron bringing in a frog I knew that the first chicks had hatched.

    I am pretty sure that this pair ousted a pair that were feeding chicks the previous weekend.

    Northern Shoveler's will soon be on their way

   The Water Rail is still present but may soon be on his way now that the rowing boats are back    on the lake.

   This is one of two Rook's that headed south on 7th.

   Kensington Gardens
   I popped into KG last week and was able to capture these birds in the early morning sun.
   The Black Swan is fully flighted and popped over to Regent's a couple of times earlier in the      year.

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