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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Little Owls in Bushy Park

Bushy Park

I had a rather rewarding experience in the paddocks, the birds were very affectionate.

The photos above were digiscoped 


Arjun Dutta said...

Hi Tony!
Last Sunday (20th) we drove through Richmond Park, and whilst only driving through, we saw plenty of birds including Raven and a f Peregrine, both by the Queen's Road entrance.
Are Raven unusual at all or more common?

Tony Duckett said...

Ravens are still very rare in or over the capital, there was a sighting of 1 or 2 birds in Richmond Park one morning 3 years ago.

Ed McDonald said...

Thanks for this Tony, wonderful capture of little owl behaviour. Took a trip to the park yesterday and plenty of green woodpecker activity (with juveniles); no little owls however. Whereabouts in the park are the paddocks found?

Chris Mcginn said...

Dear Tony
Fantastic pictures
I would like to go and have a look myself
Could you please let me know the best time of day to go?
Many thanks