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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Regent's Park over the last 7 days.

Regent's Park 15th May

The last week has been relatively quiet with just a trickle of migrants passing through.

Great crested Grebe: a disappointing year with only two pairs present, of which only the pair on the north eastern point of area 9 have been successful. The Bandstand Island pair have failed this week either due to the heavy rainfall mid-week, Coots eating their eggs or human interference.
Little Egret: there has been several records over the last few weeks sometimes involving up to 3 birds. It is slightly puzzling why they have never dropped down into the Heronry.
Peregrine Falcon: While scanning the skies above and close to the park there is a good chance that you could pick up this majestic falcon.
Common Tern: A pair that have returned to the park every year since 2007 are again courting. It is strange that they carry out their courtship here before going off to breed or attempt to breed at Brent Reservoir. This has become harder in recent years due to the presence of Black-headed Gulls.
Grey Wagtail: a pair can be seen collecting insects to take to their nearby nests just east of area 2.
Common Swift: numbers have really increased over the last 5 days with at least 36 in the skies above the lake this morning.
Common Whitethroat: a pair have taken up a territory in the Chat Enclosure area 39.
Chiffchaff: at least 6 pairs appear to be nesting in the park.
Reed Warbler: 5 males are holding territory and singles have been seen in area 39.
Sedge Warbler: the male is still carrying out his aerial displays in area 5.

Today: Spot Fly reported area 39 and 3 Red Kites and a Buzzard over.

Herons in the often rest on their haunches, I have never seen this behaviour anywhere else.

 This pair have possible been returning to the park since 2007.

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