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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Garden tick


I had a new garden tick last weekend and one that slightly surprised me as my back garden is surrounded by high fencing. The species that turned up was a pair of Pheasants the female was present for an hour before departing but the male was seen on and off over the weekend.

 Common Pheasants in my back garden 

 Male Little Tern's are still bringing food for the females, some have yet to start incubating.

 This female Little Tern shows signs that she is still carrying eggs.

Summer plumaged Turnstone's are beautiful little wader.

Being close to a very busy holiday beach the terns have to put up with a few added pressures however numbers at this colony are increasing. 
I was shocked to here that a bird watcher with no fieldcraft and understanding of how birds behave who had flushed the terns as he paddled towards them decided to post a photo of me online accusing me of disturbing the birds. These terns are accustomed to some disturbance but some as you see below could be more problematic. Just by standing still the birds are confident enough to go through their courtship display getting closer and closer until flushe normally by a large gull looking to take a Sand Eel.

1 comment:

Arjun Dutta said...

How horrible to hear that some stupid, ignorant person then not only admits to their mistake but blames an experienced, knowledgeable birdwatcher.
People really do go to far sometimes.
Fantastic pictures of the Little Terns.
Must go to Norfolk at some point to try and see them.