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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Regent's Park Kestrel post fledging

Wetland Pen Kestrel's

After one bird seemed to have left the nest box a day or two early on the 19th June the other birds eventually took their first flights. These birds kept close to the nest box and we were relieved when all 4 juveniles were seen on the 2nd July. Since then they have had to put up with a family of Magpies goading them every now and then, more so in the early part of the day when more food is brought in. One thing that I have noticed is the lack of any rodent's being brought to the nest, worms are the most abundant item. I am able to spend a lot of time watching them so this may not be the totally true.

 This little male was kept in or close to the nest box was in for several days.
 His earlier flights were a bit shaky.

 It was really satisfying to see all for juveniles together. 

 The Magpie's were cowards on their own.

 If either parent brought in some food then their attention switched to them.
 The female with a caterpillar and a worm.

 The young enjoyed sunning themselves in the Willow Tree's in the Wetland Pen. 

 The little male fed on worms that the heavy showers had brought to the surface.


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