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Friday, August 19, 2016

7 Day's in Norfolk

I am back from what turned out to be a rather warm and sunny 7 days in Norfolk. On the whole it was quiet on the bird front with winds from the NW until Wednesday when it shifted around to the east. This brought in the odd goody but nothing to cause me to down my paintbrush and shoot off. I kept my birding local apart from 2 early morning trips to Cley NWT Reserve, where a lack of water on the scrapes may have kept the waders, of which there weren't many away from the hides as they normally like to wade in shallow waters not probe into mud that has a crusty top.

I did take some photos (below) that I hope might interest you.

    Little Tern (adult) 

    The adults can deliver a meal with landing 

    This means that the youngster has spotted his parent about to deliver a tasty meal.

    Several pairs of Ringed Plovers breed on the beach, the youngster's below were caught out 
    while bathing.

    Turnstone (above), Sanderling (below).

    6 Spoonbills dropped into NWT Hickling Reserve. They were very active, either fishing or 
    bringing twigs or reeds to this stump. 

    Common Snipe

    Water Rail (juvenile)

    Yellow Wagtails arrived at NWT Cley Reserve, you can just about make out 2 birds at either
    end of the cow.

    This juvenile female Peregrine enjoyed spooking the birds on the scrapes at Cley.

    Seals on Horsey Beach

    This unfortunate female shows how hazardous dumping waste in the sea can be. 

    Roe Deer

    Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar. 

    Northern Wheatear's arrived on the beach on Thursday afternoon.


Vince Murphy said...

Hi Tony. These photos are stunning. Is that a Woodcock you found?

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Vince.

No it's a Common Snipe, still a bit early for Woodcocks to start migrating across the North Sea.