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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Pictorial view of recent birds

I have been pretty tied up dealing with the Oak Processionary Moth nest removals lately so bird news apart from on twitter has been poor. Hopefully now that migrants are starting to trickle through blog entries will be more regular.

The first batch of photos were taken in Bushy Park from the 20th July onwards.

   I am not totally certain but Herons are breeding in Bushy Park this year, which might be the first 
   time that this has occurred.

    Peregrine male (above) and Common Swift (below)

   A pair of Common Tern's have been on Heron Pond recently.

    A Little Egret turned up on the 20/7 and was joined by a juvenile  at the start of August.

    A family of Kestrels have been very visible as they've fed on grasshoppers just south of 
    Upper Lodge Road.

    Swallow numbers have dropped in the Stockyard but late broods are still emerging.

Regent's Park

Below are photos taken in the Chat Enclosure yesterday and today, mainly the latter.

    Willow Warbler



    Garden Warbler

    Common Whitethroat

   At least 8 Jackdaws mostly juveniles were feeding by the Bandstand, I'd seen juvs feeding
   on rubbish in the Leaf Yard a couple of weeks ago. This could mean that 2 pairs have bred
   which would be the first breeding record for the park.

   This hot air balloon drifted NE just south of the park at 6.15 on Saturday.

   The photos were warblers seen in the Chat Enclosure (area 39) on 7/8.

    Lesser Whitethroat has to be my favourite autumn migrant.

    Willow Warbler


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