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Monday, September 12, 2016

Regent's Park

Regent's Park 12th Sept 

Yellow Wagtail: 5 birds flew south a group of 4 at 7.25am and a single in the afternoon.
Swallow: a small passage was noted with birds heading SW.
Whinchat: one again in the Chat Bushes, probably a different one to the two birds that were seen yesterday. I say that as the park was so busy and this area would have had a lot of people using it.
Common Whitethroat: birds were seen in areas of bramble scrub.
Blackcap: very few compared to when I was last here on the 2nd Sept.
Spotted Flycatcher: one flew from the edge of area 38 towards area 39 but couldn't be relocated.

Yesterday's two Whinchats above and today's bird is below.   

    Spotted Flycatcher


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