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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Regent's Park Decembers pictorial

Regent's Park 

Not much has happened this month, a slight cold snap didn't last long enough to cause birds to move. The 9th was quite calm with high overcast skies but even though I wasn't able to spend to much time looking, over 800 Redwing's flew through in small flocks. After that date a small number of birds could be seen in areas 40 and 41. On the 20th I noticed that the Water Rail was back in the Rail Ditch.

Below are some of the more interesting photos from December


    Grey Wagtail

    Fieldfare the odd birds have been seen flying west


    Water Rail

    Stock Dove

    Little Grebe

    Heron: I have only witnessed this behaviour in Regent's Park

    Herring Gulls are devouring lots of crayfish

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