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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Regent's Park early February

Regent's Park

Very little happening at the moment, there is possibly a small roaming party of Redwing's in the park, there was at least 2 if not 3 Reed Bunting's present on the 6th and on that date a report of a possible adult Ring-billed Gull on the lake was posted on twitter.

Below are a few snaps highlighting a little of what's occurring.

There are at least 8 Common Teal frequenting the Wetland Pen (area 32), if your lucky you may get a glimpse of the 2 Water Rails that are also there. You had better have a look soon as we are about to make some improvements to the area.

Northern Shoveler

Red crested Pochard

A pair of Great crested Grebe's were starting to build a nest on the Bandstand Island (area 7).

The Grey Heron's can be seen trying to attract a mate, some look to be sitting on eggs and I thought I could here young calling on the 6th.

Inappropriate feeding of birds is a real problem, the crap that people think is good for the birds is unbelievable. I even had a chat with a guy who was feeding what looked like smoked  Salmon to them. I explained that although it was fish they really require whole fish, and pointing to the Heron's fighting told him that they are not sociable birds and wouldn't naturally gather like this. Next I told him how that because of the easy pickings there was an imbalance of crows,  this has meant that they are not in the best condition and in the spring look and eat most of the eggs from ducks nesting on the islands.   

This was Monday late morning when I was looking for the Ring-billed Gull?

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Dan C said...

Saw a kestrel this morning (20 Feb 2017) on the grass at the south east end of the park where the outdoor sculpture exhibition takes place.It flew down to eat something on the grass and was near the path; only 15-20m away from me.