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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Water Rail shows

Regent's Park 16th February

Still not much happening but I am pleased to say that the Water Rail is showing reasonably often and sometimes at the bridge end of the Rail Ditch.

The Water Rail in the Rail Ditch, area 2.

These Heron's are mating others are sitting tight on their eggs.

This Common Gull appears to have eaten a hole loaf of bread judging by his fat stomach.

Black-headed Gulls landing.

We had some strange Great crested Grebe behaviour this morning.

There was a bit of displaying, the female went down on the nest and the male did what males do, mind you he wasn't hanging around.

The female looked around and left the nest. They male then clambered up onto the nest, went through some feather ruffling in front of the female. He then went down and she mounted him, well I can't recall ever seeing that happen before.


Arjun Dutta said...

I admire your flight photos Tony!
I can never manage to get pictures of anything in flight, and If I do they are definitely not ending up on my blog!
Is it likely that more Water Rails will come later in the year?

Tony Duckett said...

They are typically a winter visitor, normally arriving in late November and departing when the first rowing boats go on the lake.