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Monday, April 10, 2017

Regent's Park 4th - 10th April 2017

Regent's Park

The weather over the last week has been fine and settled with clear skies on most days. This has meant that it is good conditions for migrants, good conditions for migrants is bad news for us in Central London. It means they can press on to their breeding grounds and avoid stopping off in places that aren't really ideal for them to find food. 

The only migrants of note seen in the last 6 days are listed below.

Collared Dove: 3 birds flew west at 7.40am on 4th.
Sedge Warbler: a 2nd male turned up on the 6th and was singing from reeds by the Rail Ditch, area 2.
Rook: one flew north at 7.10am on 7th.
Fieldfare: one flew from the Leaf Yard Wood mid-morning on 6th.
Wheatear (greenland race): a male was on the Open Spaces all day, thanks to "wildinLDN" for the heads up, a female was also seen but wasn't on show when I looked.

Recent photos


    Willow Warbler (above) Blackcap (below) 

    Sedge Warbler (above) Reed Bunting (below)

    Great crested Grebe (above)
    Little Grebe ( catching flies)


    Common Shelduck (above) Pochard (below)
    Red crested Pochard

    Common Pochard

    Gadwall (drake and duck)

   Grey Wagtail

   Sparrowhawk (above) Kestrel (below)

    Stock Dove (in my garden)

    Northern Wheatear (Greenland race)

    The wheatear was catching solitary bees

    Greenfinch and Goldfinch (using new drinking pool in area 39)
    Great spotted Woodpecker (taking her last bath in the old pool)

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