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Monday, May 15, 2017

Norfolk 11th to 14th May 2017

Norfolk weekend with the lads.

The weather wasn't ideal but we did have some good sightings; Glossy Ibis, 7 Spoonbills, 3 Black-winged Stilts, 7 Dotterel, Wood Warbler and Savi's Warbler. There were plenty of other sightings but a disappointing number of waders and the species that we did see were very low in numbers. 

Below are some pictures from the trip not all are frame fillers, in fact most were very distant.

Black-winged Stilts on a new marsh

Distant Glossy Ibis on Hockwold Marsh, Lakenheath

There were 7 Spoonbills near Rush Hill Scrape

There were a couple of Turtle Dove's in RSPB's Titchwell Reserve car park

1 of 3 Cuckoo's seen a Tirchwell 

This Marsh Harrier flew really close  to the car while I was looking the other way in search of Dotterel. By the time I had picked up my camera it was moving away. 

2 of at least 30 Hobby's at RSPB's Lakenheath Fen

Common Tern

There are at least 10 pairs of Mediterranean Gulls nesting or hoping to nest at Titchwell

Grey Partridge and a farmland mammal trying to hide.

It's hard to go to Norfolk and not take a photo of one of these.

Little ringed Plover dwarfed by a pair of Mallards

Male and female Little ringed Plover

Ruff, one of only a handful that I saw this weekend, normally there are many more.

Common Sandpiper

This next batch of photos show a male Redshank approaching a female. He then went behind her and while calling excitedly began flapping his wings, the flapping got quicker the voice louder then after about 30 secondss he lifted off the ground like a jump jet, moved forward slowly he settled on her back and before you could blink he dropped of and she took off. Really amazing!

A Wood Warbler high in the canopy and really hard to photograph

Willow Warbler

Sedge Warbler

Cetti's Warbler

Reed Warbler

Grasshopper Warbler at Hickling NWT Reserve

Corn Bunting

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