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Sunday, May 21, 2017

This weeks pictorial from a quite Regent's Park

Regent's Park 15th - 21st May

It has been quiet in the park, mind you I have been out in the outer park for much of the week looking for my furry friends.

Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars

I was unable to photograph the male White Wagtail as he was on area 9, Heron Island with one recently fledged juv and was to far away. The female Pied he was paired with was on area 7 with another juv, I am not sure how often this pairing occurs in the UK.

I can't believe that it is the 21st May and I still haven't recorded Common Tern in the park this year. This photo was taken in Richmond park this week where they have only got one pair on a tern raft, other birds pop in but move off.

The young from "Heron Nest 1" are very confident but still return to the nest when a parent flies in.

The loan chick"Heron Nest 2"is growing fast and uses the abundance of flies around the nest to practice how to strike, a skill he will need when he starts fishing.  

The female Red crested Pochards are still being pursued by the drakes.

This pair were sitting on eggs on Saturday morning but when I checked them on Sunday morning they had lost them. This is the second clutch they have lost this year.

The male Common Whitethroat from area 39, he takes a risk when he perches on top of nearby tall Lime trees. By this I mean he is vulnerable to a surprise strike by a Sparrowhawk.

It is hard to know how many chicks are in this nest as the hole is quite small and doesn't allow more than one chick at a time to come to the entrance.

This male Great spotted Woodpecker uses my parakeet and squirrel proof feeder. Having feeders that the parakeets aren't able to access makes for a much quieter garden but one where you can here our native songsters.

This pair of Blue Tits try to coax their brood out. 

The first recently fledged Stock Doves were in my garden today.

Crayfish was back on the menu for this gull this morning .

Fledglings need to be aware, Jay's and Magpie's plot where their nests are and may lie in wait when they fledge.

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