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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A great start to July in Bushy Park

July in Bushy Park starts off on the right note

Here are some photos of birds and other wildlife seen recently.

   This Little Grebe got me on to two Red Kites.

    Roaring Arch

    Common Tern

    This is a site that really annoys me, people with no thought feeding totally inappropriate food to 
    such a specialist feeder. She could go back to her chick and regurgitate a breadie pulp down it's 
    Little Owlet

    Red crested Pochard with duckling

    Tufted Duck with a large brood on Heron Pond

    A family of Linnets were in the Brewhouse, they can be seen from the view point 
   along Dukes Head Passage.

    Common Whitethroat looking for a juicy spider.
    Needle-tailed Common Swift

    Female Beautiful Demoiselle by the Longford River on Dukes Head Passage.

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