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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Norfolk 10th to 13th August 2017

A very quiet weekend in Norfolk.

Almost the middle of August and very little in the way of passerines on the move in North Norfolk. The only migrant of note was a Thrush Nightingale at Grambrough Hill,  Salthouse that was helped on its was by birders who flushed it over 10 times  to get what must have been crap views of a small brown bird diving into cover.

As it was so quiet I spent much of the time being a good husband and doing as I was told.

Avocets mob a juvenile Marsh Harrier at Cley NWT

Black-tailed Godwits in the early morning sun at Cley NWT

Little-ringed Plover and Ringed Plover

Redshank (above) Ruff (below)

Spot the odd one out

Greenshank at Potter Heigham Marshes

Wood Sandpiper (above) Green Sandpipers (below)

Dunlin Potter Heigham Marshes, the Baird's Sandpiper that had been present for a week either moved on or was taken by the local Hobby on Thursday.

I nearly had a cracking photo of a Sanderling.

Little Egret

There was only 1 pair of Little Terns left in the Eccles colony, they were feeding a very small chick. I hope he survives which might be difficult as there is a Hobby patrolling the beach.


There was a flock of over 20 Bearded Tits at Cley NWT

A Common Whitethroat was fly-catching by the coast watch shelter near Happisburgh Church

Reed Warbler (above) Cettis Warbler (below) 

Eiders head north past Happisburgh

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