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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Week at the Croft in Avielochan

Week staying in the Croft at Avielochan.

The weather on the whole wasn't to bad, with most of the showers that were passing over Central Scotland missing our region. It wasn't until Wednesday that we had to head further a field to have a dry day. On that day I chose to head to Applecross on the west coast of Scotland, that was a beautiful day with stunning views but not many birds. 
The week wasn't a birding holiday so the list of birds seen wasn't that high, the pick of the birds were Osprey, Dotterel, Black Grouse, Black-throated Diver, Red-throated Diver, Crested Tit, Parrot Crossbill and Scottish Crossbill.

Below are some images from the week.

Common Sandpiper on a wet morning by Lochindorb Castle

Spot the Red Grouse

There were still quite a few not fully grown but full-winged grouse chicks around.

Lochindorb Castle

Black-throated Diver

In 6 days time this will area will become a mass killing field with those with money enjoying killing birds for fun.

I didn't notice what looks like a nest in a huge area of dead trees. If it is then the fact that there is a crow trap nearby doesn't sound that they land owner would tolerate a large raptor nesting there.

There was a family of Wheatears enjoying the view from the top of Applecross Pass

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