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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Regent's Park 1st to 12th September

The first 12 days of September have been relatively quiet with migrants being very few on the ground. As always it is down to a lack of wind from the east, time is getting on and we have probably missed out on any goodies this year.

Below is a pictorial of some of our visitors

There have been a good number of juvenile Blackbirds in the Chat Enclosure.

The letting off of helium filled balloons is littering, can be harmful to wildlife and should be banned. 

Mislte Thrush and Grey Squirrel visit the drinking pool in the Chat Enclosure.

This bully really does deserve to be taught a lesson, he has chased other swans all year long.

There are 3 families of Great crested Grebe and 3 pairs of Little Grebe families also.

There have been at least 4 different Whinchats in the park since the 6th Sept.

An adult Hobby hawked insects above the park on the 10th.

Why do crows bother mobbing Sparrowhawks, they are just to slow and easily out maneuvered. 

This September Long-tailed Tits have regularly used my parakeet and squirrel proof feeder. I made it so that it allows tits and woodpeckers to use it but not the others.

Nearly all phylloscs present  in the park are Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers leave earlier as they migrate further.

Meadow Pipits are now on the move heading SW on the calmer sunny mornings.

Jays are now on the great acorn hunt.

Stock Dove


Arjun Dutta said...

Awesome Whinchat pictures!

Tony Duckett said...

Thank you Arjun, the chat family are nice to photo as they are normally out in the open.