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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Norfolk 11th & 12th November

November weekend in Norfolk 

It was really a DIY weekend with a bit of painting to catch up on, having been a bit slack in the summer months. The aim was to paint during the morning and get out in the afternoon, well I was on target for that when heavy showers, some with hailstones put an end to that. I concentrated my birding around Eccles-on-sea and Happisburgh Lighthouse and the nearby coastal fields. Eccles beach was difficult with a mini sandstorm in progress and the sandy beach reduced in size by the recent run of northerly winds creating higher tides than normal. There were no Snow Buntings here possibly because the area they feed over has been reduced by the high tides. For this reason I thought I would go and see a flock of Shorelarks that has been in the area for several days. The number of birds seems to vary throughout the day at one stage 14 were being reported, on the three occasions I visited the area it varied from for 4 to 10. It was until late yesterday afternoon that the flock flew to a field by the track that runs near the Lighthouse, that flock contained 17.  I drove from the cliff top car park around to to the other side hoping that I could find the flock before the light faded. I knew roughly where they had landed but finding them was very difficult, they really hug the ground. I suddenly spotted one on the ridge of farrow. Then careful scanning produced most of them but not all 17. Today I wasn't sure where to go first thing, sea watching up at Cley or stay local, I stayed local and went and enjoyed the Snow Buntings feeding on the cliff face at Happisburgh. I almost walked over the Shorelarks  as the the early morning sun was in my eyes, fortunately they didn't go to far, 2 birds went to the water edge and allowed great views, a shame the sun didn't play ball.

Below are a few images from the weekend 

   Happisburgh Lighthouse

   How many Snow Buntings can you see? the answer is at the bottom of the page. 


   Eccles beach is normally where a small flock of Snow Buntings spend the winter. This year they 
   haven't arrived yet.

   Pink-footed Geese

   Grey Plover

   Golden Plover

   Herring Gull

   Answer to the Snow Bunting count

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