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Thursday, September 03, 2020

August 2020 Regent's Park Birds Pictorial

 August 2020 Pictorial

Although I have been moving between Regent's Park and Norfolk I still managed to connect with some decent migrants in what was a fairly quiet month for migrants in the park. The only species annual species that I have missed out on was Whinchat, 3 were seen but none stayed longer than a few minutes. I managed to get 2 park ticks, Great White Egret seen flying high south on the 24th and Cattle Egret watched by Dave Johnson flying over the park early morning on the 8th. I tried to intercept it as it flew towards the mosque but as I was driving towards Hanover Gate the bird changed it's mind and started heading east. I parked up in the Leaf Yard and managed 30 seconds of a very distant bird heading towards Euston. We'd had a record some years back of a bird of the race Choreomundus that was perched on a rowing boat on the main lake. Where it originated from who knows? maybe London Zoo.

Below are some images taken during August.


Park birds


jafsie said...

Hi Tony, hope all's well with you as last blog was August sightings.

Trust you will be able to resume in the near future - and with great photo's too!

Kind regards,

Alasco López said...

What a beautiful pictures!
If you want to see more photos of birds, I share you my blog.

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