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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Still quiet in Regent's Park

Regent's Park's quiet autumn migration

This has to be the quietest autumn I can remember in the park, the winds have been against us. It wasn't until 23rd September that we finally got winds from the continent these were southerlies, ideally we wanted easterlies as by late September most of the common migrants are long gone.

Below are some images taken from 21st to the 26th September

    Mistle Thrushes

    Green Woodpecker by the Bandstand on Holme Green, area 9.

   Green Woodpecker in the Chat Enclosure, area 39

   Stock Dove juvenile in my garden

   Art photos of Great crested Grebe's 

   Little Grebe

    The bird above was chased off by the lower bird 


   I have seen a couple of Common Buzzards in the last few days, the latter bird was surrounded by
   Crows and Jackdaws.