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Monday, April 28, 2008

28th April

Female Northern Wheatear (Greenland race) in area 28.

Greenland Wheatear: A male was on the open spaces during the morning and a female had replaced him in the afternoon.
Common Whitethroat: A male was singing in area 29.
Reed Warbler: Two birds in area 2.
Swallow: Three flew through before 7.30am.
Sparrowhawk: A pair displayed above area 1, with the male putting in some impressive drops. Another male flew north at 8.15am.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

27th April

Northern Wheatear male by the Hub at 6.45am

Peregrine Falcon: One was seen flying towards Baker Street at 8.40am.
Common Swift:
At least twelve birds were seen in or very close to the park.
Yellow Wagtail: One flew over calling at 8.30am.
Northern Wheatear: A male was seen briefly on the open spaces at 6.45am. It then flew into the London Zoo and was seen perched on top of a building.
Northern Wheatear(Greenland race): A male was on the open spaces at 8.00am. Although it was very flighty, it was seen by those on the birdwalk.
Reed Warbler: Three birds were very active in the reeds and shrubs in area 2. One of the males had a ring on his left leg, he was first seen in the park in 2006.
Common Whitethroat: A female was in the brambles by the bird drinking pool in area 29.
Chiffchaff: Apart from the one in area 29 there were four other singing birds.
Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 2.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

26th April

War broke out yesterday, as the Kings Troop invaded the park.
1st summer male Northern Wheatear in area 28 briefly.

One of three Reed Warblers in area 2.
Reed Bunting singing in area 2.
Butterflies were much in evidence on the warmest day of the year so far.
Comma and Speckled Woods enjoyed a spot of sunbathing.

Southerly winds bring in the birds, well some birds anyway. It was really much to nice for birds to stop off in Central London.

The second of the week showed really well above Queen Mary's at 9.00am before drifting off slowly to the north-east. Dave even managed to get it on his garden list as it soared above it.
Peregrine: An immature female came to investigate the Osprey, and hung around for a while.
Unidentified small falcon. My gut feeling was that this was possibly a Lesser Kestrel. Its overall jizz was that of a slightly smaller, shorter tailed bird, its short wing beats on narrower more pointed wings were reminissent of a Cuckoo. It was to far off to get any detail and I could only watch as it chased and caught insects, before heading away to the NW at 10.45.
Little Owl: One was being mobbed by Blackbirds at 5.50am.
Ring Ouzel: A female perched on top of a Plane tree by the Honest Sausage at 8.30am. It then flew off towards Primrose Hill.
Common Swift: Three birds flew north.
Swallow: Eight birds flew north before 11.00am.
House Martin: Two birds were over the lake.
Northern Wheatear: A 1st year male fed briefly in area 28, before being flushed by the hoards of people crowding into the park to enjoy the sun.
Reed Warbler: Three birds were sing in the reeds and shrubbery in area 2.
Lesser Whitethroat: One sang from Hawthorns alongside Winfield House area 1, at 10.20am.
Chiifchaff: The male was nest building in area 29.
Willow Warbler: Three birds were singing.
Blackcap: They seemed to be every where, not just pairs but groups of birds.

Friday, April 25, 2008

25th April

Peregrine Falcon: The adult male from the city chased an immature male north west a at a very low level at 7.40am. He returned five minutes later and headed off back to the city.
Common Buzzard: Two birds; one high west at 12.40pm and another north-east at 12.50pm.
Sand Martin: One fed briefly over the lake at 7.00am.
Swallow: A dozen birds moved through during the day.
Tree Pipit: One flew north at 7.35am.
Grey Wagtail: One flew over the lake.
Reed Warbler: Two birds sang from the reed beds in area 2.
Willow Warbler: Two birds; one in area 2 band another in area 14.
Chiffchaff: Apart from the resident bird, there was another in area 24.
Blackcap: There was a slight increase in numbers.
Reed Bunting: The male was in area 2.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23rd April

Mealy Redpoll, the first positive record.

A grey start to the day turning very wet by 8.40am. The rain stopping by 12.00pm, and the temperature rising rapidly as the sun broke through.

Mealy Redpoll:
Two birds were feeding in the Oaks in area 2. They were picked up by their call, totally different to Lesser Redpoll. On ocassions one uttered a very quiet sub song. This is the first positive record for the park.
Peregrine Falcon: An adult male and an immature female interacted above the lake at 1.20pm. The male chased off a Sparrowhawk, before eventually returning to his mate in the city, who should hatch her egg any day now. The immature bird went off to the west.
Sparrowhawk: A pair displayed over Queen Mary's Gardens at 7.25am.
Brambling: Two groups of four birds flew through, one group at 7.40am and the other this afternoon.
Linnet: Three birds flew through.
Meadow Pipit: One flew north this afternoon.
Swallow: Eight singles flew northish.
Reed Warbler: One singing from reeds in area 2.
Blackcap: At least twelve birds were present.
House Sparrow: A male was feeding in the garden this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

22nd April

Male Whinchat on Primrose Hill

One of our better days in the park.

One flew north at 2.30pm.
Hobby: One chased House Martins north at 4.05pm.
Common Buzzard: Two birds, one west at 12.25pm, and another east at 15.55pm. The second bird came just after I had stopped speaking to Rupert at the Wetland Centre. He wondered how many buzzards had gone over this afternoon, as he had had six. He said that one of his later birds was heading my way. How right he was.
Whimbrel: One flew over calling at 7.20am, flying through low cloud.
Whinchat: A male was found on Primrose Hill, our earliest ever record. So thanks Rose for taking up the challenge, and doing some patch work up there.
Willow Warbler: Three birds were singing, two along the canal.
Chiffchaff: One again in area 29.
House Martin: Three birds intermittently over the lake.
Swallow: Singles seen heading north throughout the afternoon.
Tawny Owlets: The three birds are still hiding themselves away from any corvids that might find them.

Monday, April 21, 2008

21st April

After a lot of searching, we finally found them. The first breeding record in Queen Mary's for over thirty years.

Tawny Owl: One adult with three owlets Queen Mary's.
House Martin: Thre birds over the lake.
Swallow: One flew east.
Kingfisher: A male bird was flying around the lake between 7.00 and 7.30am.
Willow Warbler: Two birds in area 26.
Chiffchaff: One still in area 29.
Blackcap: Six males and two females.
Linnet: Six birds went north.
Reed Bunting: A male was again in area 2.
House Sparrow: A female was calling from the top of a hedge in area 16.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

20th April

The winds had north-easterly winds had dropped, as the day started with low cloud. The sun eventually breaking through around 1.30pm.

Sedge Warbler: A bird sang from the long reed bed in area 26.
Reed Warbler: 1 sang quietly from the reeds in area 2.
Willow Warbler: At least six birds sang from areas close to the lake.
Blackcap: Ten birds were present.
Chiffchaff: The male was singing still in area 29.
Yellow Wagtail: One flew north.
Swallow: Five flew north.
Linnet. Two flew north.
Reed Bunting: The male sang from the reeds in area 2.
Tawny Owl: Adults were seen in area 13 and 29.

Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April

As I am out of action, here is something to ponder over.

Unfortunately I have had to take up the challenge of the paint brush for the last couple of days. So have not had a chance to do much watching over in the park. I did manage a bit of early morning skywatching from the shelter of the hub. Hoping for a wader or two, my luck wasn't in.

Three birds flew NW at around 9.30am seen and heard by Dave.
Willow Warbler: There are a few in the more sheltered areas of the park.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

16th April

This owlet was found on the Inner Circle tarmac by someone walking their dog a week ago. His mother told me about it the other day, saying that they were unsure of the birds identity, but her son had taken a couple of photos with his phone. He thought it may have been injured as it hadn't flown off. Luckily he did the right thing by picking it up and putting it in a tree. I was suprised when I received the email with the photos attached. We new Tawnies were in the area but were not normally seen often in this area. This pair of owls have only been on territory here for eighteen months.

The rain during the night had downed a few birds overnight.

Ring Ouzel:
A male flew in low from the north-east at 7.20am. It dissapeared as it flew behind trees, though it may have come down. I looked but could not locate it.
Blackcap: Twenty birds were scattered around the park.
Willow Warbler: Fifteen birds were heard in areas fairly close to the lake.
Swallow: Two flew north.
Linnet: Four flew north.
Collared Dove: One headed north-east.

Monday, April 14, 2008

14th April

A steady stream of showers crossed over the capital during the afternoon.
A first summer Herring Gull with very worn secondaries. I wonder where he was ringed?

Peregrine Falcon: A bird was over the park and surrounding area from 12.45pm until 1.00pm before moving off to the west.
Sparrowhawk: Six birds were seen in the skies over the park at lunchtime.
Swallow: Four flew north.
Willow Warbler: Three birds were heard singing.
Blackcap: No increase in the number of males singing.
Chiffchaff: Just one singing bird.
Linnet: Two flew east.
Reed Bunting: The male was present again in area 2.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

13th April

Rook: One flew north at 7.40am.
Jackdaw: Two flew north-east.Great Black-backed Gull: A 2nd summer was on a post on the lake at 9.00am.
Sand Martin: Seven birds in three groups flew northish this morning.
Swallow: Two singles flew north.
Blackcap: Five singing males were present.
Willow Warbler: Three birds were between area 2 and 26.
Chiffchaff: One was present in area 29.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

12th April

Stock Doves have a very gentle looking face, and are my second favourite Dove after the declining Turtle Dove.

I could really do with some decent spring weather, some nice warm air moving uo from Spain would be fine. Very little in the way of new birds have been found in the park in the last few days.
On a sad note, a dead Tawny Owl was found on the north side of Primrose Hill on Wednesday evening, it had been dead for over 12 hours. If anyone has heard Tawnies in the Primrose Hill area I would like to know.

Willow Warbler:
Three birds between area 2 and 26.
Chiffchaff: Possibly two birds in area 29.
Blackcap: Four singing males.
Reed Bunting: The male singing in area 2.
Siskin: One flew north over area 29.
Redwing: One flew into area 29 at 8.30am.
Little Grebe: There were three trilling birds on the lake.
Stock Dove: Twenty two fed in the garden by St Marks Bridge, area 31 this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

9th April

Mistle Thrushes are busy defending their nest from corvids. As their nests are very visible at this time of the year, or until the trees green up.

I am back after a long weekend in Norfolk, where the weather was less than favourable. The only birding I did was on the way there at a couple of sites in the Breckland. I was able to get good views of a pair of Goshawks, Buzzards, Red-tailed Hawk, Stone Curlew, Woodlarks, Brambling and other regular species. After that the weather deteriated and it wasn't worth getting cold and wet. The only good thing about the conditions it meant that the Barn Owls were hunting during the middle of the day.

Today in the park

Common Buzzard:
Two singles; one west at 12.45pm was at a very high altitude and another north-east at 1.00pm.
Swallow: Four birds flew north at lunchtime.
Linnet: One flew north.
Blackcap: Six birds with at least four in Queen Mary's Gardens.
Willow Warbler: One in area 2 and a least one in area 14.
Chiffchaff: Five birds Two in areas 14 and 29 another bird was by the Bandstand.
Goldcrest: Eight birds in areas with conifers or evergreens.
Reed Bunting: The male was singing in area 2.

Friday, April 04, 2008

4th April

Kingfisher in area 1.
Pair of Mandarins looking to nest in area 32 by the canal.

A fairly good day, well I say day but most of the action was when we had time to look for visible migration at lunch time.

Yellow Hammer:
Three birds flew N at 12.55pm.
Two birds flew NW at 12.50pm.
Peregrine Falcon: A high flying bird drifted W at 12.45pm.
Common Buzzard: A bird soared over the Rose Garden at 1.05pm before heading off W.
Kingfisher: The female was seen in area 1 and at its other favourite location 100 yards S of Long Bridge on the bank of The Holme.
House Martin: One flew N at 12.00pm.
Swallow: One flew N at 1.00pm.
Chiffchaff: Three birds around the park.
Blackcap: Three birds present.
Linnet: Three birds flew N.Redwing: One over this morning.
Brambling: Six birds flew N in one's and two's.
Meadow Pipit: Thirty-six birds flew over.
Collared Dove: One flew through Queen Mary's.
Reed Bunting: The male was still singing from area 2.
Little Grebe: Seven birds were on the lake.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

3rd April

Pelican: The fully flighted bird from St James Park was seen thermaling at a very high altitude at 12.40pm, before getting so high it disappeared into the clouds.
Fieldfare: Two birds flew north this afternoon.
Brambling: A bird was heard in area 14 but not seen.
Siskin: Four birds were feedin on Ash buds in area 29 this afternoon.
Reed Bunting: The male was present in area 2.
Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 2 again this morning.
Chiffchaff: Four birds were singing in area 1, 26 and two in area 29.
Blackcap: Four birds were present, singles in areas 7 and 9, with two birds in area 29.
Sparrowhawk: Three birds , one pair and a very high female that was probably a migrant.
Kestrel: There were probably six birds present this afternoon.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2nd April

Reed Bunting singing from area 2.

Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 2 before that or another was seen and heard in area 26.
Chiffchaff: Two birds were singing from areas 1 and 29.
Blackcap: One was again singing in The Holme, area 7.
Brambling: A female was again seen on feeders in area 14, having first been seen on 28/3.
Reed Bunting: The male sang from the reeds in area 2 this morning.
Kingfisher: The female was seen again in area 1.
Meadow Pipit: One flew north this afternoon.
Redwing: The odd bird flew east before the rain started.
Jackdaw: Four birds flew north-east at 7.35am.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1st April

Starlings look stunning at this time of year, when the sun shine on them. It is a shame they are another species in decline.

What is the gull on the left, it flew off just as after I had taken this photo.

I have spoken to the bird section at London Zoo, unfortunately one of the Black Kites has escaped.
They did not say when but It sounded as if it was before the weekend. Can anyone let me know when it managed to find its way out?

Sixty birds flew north-east yesterday at 8.10am.
Meadow Pipit: Three flew north.
Chiffchaff: Four birds singing.
Great Crested Grebe: Ten birds on the lake, so there were several territorial disputes witnessed.

Sand Martin:
Two birds flew north at lunch time.
White Wagtail: A really fresh looking male was feeding on the cricket tables (area 28) at 8.15am. It was flushed by dog walkers before I could get back for my camera.
Blackcap: A male was singing from inside the grounds of The Holme (area 7).
Chiffchaff: Only two birds were heard today.
Redwing: Six birds were perched in trees in area 15.
A brood of Moorhens and Mallards were on the lake in area 2.