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Friday, November 04, 2016

Pictorial from The Royal Parks that I have visited recently.

Regent's Park

Bird movement has slowed considerably in the past 2 weeks. There has been small movements of winter thrushes and finches, in the past couple of days on quiet misty mornings Wood Pigeons have also been seen but not in large numbers. In Regent's a couple of Ring Ouzel's sighted in area 39 and 42 one afternoon. The odd Chiffchaff and Blackcap can still be found, a female Firecrest was trapped in area 41 on the 2nd.

    Siskin's have been passing over in small numbers
    Passage Mistle Thrushes are harder to notice, these birds were very direct as they passed

    A lone Redwing heads south in the mist

    A flock of around 60 Fieldfare's dropped down just west of area 39.

    The resident Blackbirds have been joined by birds from the continent. 
    This Grey Wagtail dropped down on to this bench which is in the middle of the 
    open spaces.
    Crayfish numbers fluctuate in the park, they have only been present in the park since
    the early 1990's

    Richmond Park

    I have had to attend a couple of meetings in Richmond Park which has given me the chance 
    to checkout Pen Ponds.