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Saturday, May 30, 2009

30th May

A pair of Stock Doves in area 20.

Little Owl possibly guarding one youngster

Fox cub coming to the pond in area 29 for a drink

Little Owl: The pair may have bred again this year, as at least one youngster was calling this morning. It was unfortunately not located in a tall London Plane tree.
Common Tern:
One was looking for fish in the lake this morning.
Common Whitethroat:
a male was singing intermittently in the cricket pen. area 24 yesterday.
Reed Warbler: A pair are feeding young in the wetland pen, area 25.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

28th May

Avocet chicks of different ages above and below

Whimbrel and Wheatear at Horsey gap

This cock Pheasant joined us for lunch outside the Titchwell snack shop

Two of the Kestrel chicks in area 25 peer over the edge of the box.

This juvenile Great spotted Woodpecker left the nest for the first time as I watched.
The male then enticed it away, but other birds were still in the nest.

These Painted Lady Butterflies are just a couple ofat least half a dozen that were feeding in the Wetland Pen, area 25. There was also a steady passage of others heading northwards.

Common Blue Butterfly in the Wetland Pen

I am back after spending four quite enjoyable days up in Norfolk, with the weather only braking down on the Tuesday morning. In terms of unusual migrants there weren't any. However the regular Norfolk goodies made up for that with Golden Orioles, Stone Curlews, Montagu's Harriers, Marsh Harriers (to many to count), Honey Buzzard, Cranes, Bitterns and a sprinkling of others.

The park has been fairly quiet as has much of the London area.

The drake is still present.
Tawny Owl: The family have been fairly active in the area around the Parks Office, as dusk approaches.
Common Tern: One was over the lake before 7.00am.
Reed Warbler: Five males and at least two females are present.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20th May

High flying Great crested Grebe

The female departs after dropping of some light lunch.

Garganey: Drake still present.
Great crested Grebe: One flew off high to the west at 7.20am.
Sparrowhawk: A male was hunting above area 26.
Swallow: One flew north at 1.00pm.
Jackdaw: Two birds were perched by the lake at 7.30am, before flying off eastwards.
Reed Warbler: Three birds were chasing each other in the reed beds at the nothern end of the lake, area 1.
Siskin: One flew north at 6.25am, a fairly unusual date for this species.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19th May

The youngsters are being buffeted by these blustery conditions.

The Great spotted Woodpeckers just around the corner have no such problems.

Stock Doves in my garden, one male bird looking very proud with his chest puffed out.

Herring Gull eating a Crayfish

Not an awful lot happening, with the migration period soon about to end in the park. Most of our regular migrants will have passed through by the 22nd May.
I have been told recently that I have been a bit down beat recently. Well this wind is doing us no favours.

Park birds are basically the same.

The drake is still present in area 1.
Little Owl: The male was very vocal this morning in area 19.
Reed Warbler: Still 4 males holding territories.
Long-tailed Tit. There were three large family groups seen around the park this morning.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

16th May

If you stand by the fence where indicated by the red circle you should be able to watch the Kestrel feeding their young.

The three pairs of Little Grebe (Dabchick) are finding life in the park a struggle. The Coots have eaten their eggs or destroyed their nests.

A very breezy day with the ocassional shower during the afternoon. Not the best conditions for diurnal migration over the park. Lets hope the weather improves for tomorrows bird walk.

Drake still present in area 1.
Kestrel: The birds in the wetland pen have four young, these can be viewed if you stand where the red circle is marked on the map.
Herring Gull: For the past two days there has been a gathering of around 167 birds on the open spaces at 5.40am.
Great Spotted Woodpecker: At least 6 pairs are feeding young.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14th May

The area between these two bridges is where the drake Garganey can be found.

Distant Common Sandpiper on edge of island

Robins nest in one of my waterfowl rearing boxes.

Wild Mandarin on small bridge in area 1

Garganey: Drake still present in area 1.
Common Sandpiper: One on banks of island in area 5.
Yellow-legged Gull: Adult on post on the lake.
Common Tern: Pair feeding and courting over the lake at 8.35am.
Swallow: Two high flying birds at 8.30am.
Reed Warbler: 4 Four males singing from reed beds.

Monday, May 11, 2009

11th May

Garganey: The drake is still present.
Jackdaw: Two birds flew west at 10.55am.
Chiffchaff: Four males singing, in areas 1, 24, 29 and 33.
Willow Warbler: One singing very quietly in area 26.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10th May

Garganey: drake still presentin area 1.
European Shelduck: A pair were seen flying north at 10.50am.
Peregrine Falcon: The female was seen at 8.35am and 2 males and the female were seen again at 11.30 am. The male from the city chased off the other male.
Turtle Dove: One flew west at 8.15am, this species deserves mega status within the London area, if not else where.
Collared Dove: Two birds flew NW at 8.25am.
Swift: An increase in the number of birds seen above the park.
House Martin: The local population seems to be increasing slowly.
Reed Warbler: Five males were singing today, from area 2 and 25 and 26.
Greater Whitethroat: One was seen and heard briefly in area 26.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

9th May

The drake Garganey in area 1

The male Little Owl looking for food

One of three male Great crested Grebes that were having a territorial dispute.

Female Kestrel feeding recently hatched young.

One of three Reed Warblers near Hanover Bridge.
Song Thrush about to have a bath in area 29.

Garganey: Drake again in area 1.
Hobby: A falcon seen at a very high altitude without binoculars was probably this species. I will just have to wait a little longer to get a positive ID.
Little Owl: The male was very vocal in area 19 at 6.15am.
Swift: A few more above or close to the park.
Reed Warbler: Three males at northern end of the lake.

Friday, May 08, 2009

8th May

Great crested Grebe: A fourth pair were looking for a territory this morning.
The drake was present again today, after not being seen for the last two days.
Sand Martin: Two birds flew north just as the rain started this morning.
Garden Warbler: One was singing on the end of the island in area 26 this morning.
Greater Whitethroat: One was again in bramles in area 29.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

6th May

Eight Large Red Damselflies were in the Wetland Pen along with a couple of Blue-tailed Damselflies.

Peregrine Falcon: A female flew west at 7.50am and a male was high over the park at 12.45pm.
Yellow Wagtail: One was feeding with Starlings at 9.10am but flew off when another bird called as it flew over the open spaces.
Reed Warbler: Two males singing.
Common Whitethroat: A male was singing in area 29.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

5th May

Garganey: Drake still present in area 1 and trying to muscle in on one of the female Garganey's in the collection.
Common Tern: A pair were over the lake until 7.35, when they flew off towards Brent Resevoir.
Swift: At least twelve birds seen, some of which are probably birds that hope to breed nearby.
Sand Martin: One flew east at 7.40am.
Swallow: Ten birds flew over in one's and two's.
Wood Warbler: One flew from the Bandstand Island and into The Holme, area 7 at 7.50am. It reappeared briefly after a few minutes feeding in a Sycamore. Unfortunately it flew deeper in to the grounds and was not seen again.
Sedge Warbler: One was singing from deep inside the shrubbery bordering the American Ambassadors Residence, area 31 at 1.20pm.
Reed Warbler: Still only two birds at the northerrn end of the lake.

Monday, May 04, 2009

4th May

Garganey: Drake still present in area 1.
Stock Dove: Eighteen in garden by St Marks Bridge this afternoon.
Swift: Two singles flew north.
Swallow: Seven birds in one's and two's flew north.
House Martin: Seven birds from the nearby colony were over the lake.
Reed Warbler: Two males were on territory in area 2 and the reed bed by the Boat House cafe.
Blackcap: Fourteen males were singing around the park.
Chiffchaff: Four males were singing.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

3rd May

Garganey: The drake was on the main lake, on the eastern side of the island in area 5 at 7.00am.
Red Kite: One slowly gained height and drifted SE at 8.25am. This was a bonus to those on the bird walk, as little else was seen.
Sparrowhawk: Two different females were seen, one has missing primaries.
Swallow: Six flew north, with four feeding low over the cricket tables at 7.35am.
House Martin: Two were seen.
Meadow Pipit: One flew north.
White Wagtail: One flew low north at 10.20am.
Northern Wheatear(greenland race): Two birds dropped in at 11.30am, but soon moved on due to public disturbance.
Reed Warbler: Two were heard, in area 2 and 25.
Willow Warbler: One was singing in area 29.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

2nd May

Here are a few of the photos from three enjoyable days birding in Norfolk. Overall it was very quiet though I did manage to see 133 different species, the highlights being Green-winged Teal, Goshawk, Rough-legged Buzzard, Montagu's Harrier, Little Gulls, Whiskered Tern, Turtle Dove, Grasshopper and Cettis Warbler. Though there were still plenty of other birds that were also good to see.

Upper photos shows Spotted Redshank and the one just above Little Gulls, Black Brant with Russian Brent Geese.

Northern Wheatear
Meadow Pipit
Grey Seal above and Common Lizard below.