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Monday, April 24, 2017

Regent's Park bird pictorial for the period 11th-24th April

Regent's Park Birds 11th - 24th April

The winds haven't been kind to us this April with possibly only one day with winds from the south-east. This has meant lots of time searching for very little gain, saying that there has been some good birds passing through.

pick of the sightings

Swallow; 22 on 16th, and 12 on 24th.
Common Whitethroat; a male in the Chat Enclosure 16th.
Red Kite; 2 south on 16th.
Common Buzzard; 5 on 16th.
Collared Dove. 1 south west 17th.
Reed Warbler; 1 on 18th in area 2, 4 on the 24th. 
Little Egret; 1 NE on 19th and another or the same bird NE at about the same time 24th.
Hawfinch; on the 20th one did a wide circuit over the lake at 6.40am before heading off westwards.
Shoveler; a drake on 20th and still present is quite late, normally they have all departed by March.
Common Pheasant; a female first seen around the 14th was walking outside area 32 before we ushered her into area 31 for safety.
Pied Flycatcher; a female was a good find in area 40 just after lunch.
Yellow Wagtail; 2 singles flew NW

 Heron Nest 1 and the growth of the chicks since the 11th 

 Heron Nest 2 and their lone chick

 When I checked today and couldn't see the chick I thought the crows may have got it.
Relief an hour later he/she is still alive and growing

 The bullied cob just manages to brake in time as he lands on the boating pond

 Displaying Sparrowhawks high above the park

It was brought to my attention that people have been seen climbing over the fence into area 32.
The Parks Police have been informed and anyone caught in there trying to take photographs of the birds will be prosecuted for intentionally disturbing nesting birds.

 This roosting Tawny Owl was a pleasant surprise, we know they are in the area but they aren't very showy.

Grey Wagtails have been catching insects around the old rearing pond in area 1.

The first Sedge Warbler (above) to arrive in the park is not as showy as the later bird (below) that is showing off by doing his aerial display flights.

Pied Flycatcher female in area 40 this afternoon.

 Hawfinch flying over the lake on 20th.

 Little Egrets are still uncommon in Central London