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Friday, November 30, 2012

30th November

I was greeted with a hard frost when I arrived at Bushy Park this morning. Regent’s Park (where I live) was hovering around zero mark. I had a few meeting to attend today so didn’t really do much birding apart from 1/2 an hour by Heron Pond. There was nothing out of the ordinary there but I did see 35 Redwings fly north.



Dawn from my office.


Heron Pond from the western end looks bad, but move to its eastern end and it is a different story.



This stupid cygnet could have swam around this ice but chose to be an ice breaker.


I thought it was a bad idea and much to cold to go paddling, this Heron proved me wrong.




He very skilfully managed to separate the fish from the leaves.



This Coot really didn’t like Moorhens coming to close to him.




Tufted/Red crested Pochard Hybrid



Tufted Duck for comparison


Not that I like Canadas but I thought the photo was reasonable.


I had to pop into Kingston, my reward for putting up with queues of traffic was a superb female Peregrine eating a pigeon on the Town Hall, later on it had moved to the weather vein.



I am sorry for the poor quality, I digi-binned them.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

29th November

At last a day with no rain. The full moon had acted as a beacon to a few winter thrushes and another Woodcock.

Regent’s Park

Woodcock: one was flushed in the Leaf Yard Wood area 40 at 10.30am.

Fieldfare: twelve flew through.

Redwing: birds in one’s and two’s flew through.

Siskin: six flew through.

Lesser Redpoll: two flew west.

Bushy Park

Common Buzzard: the bird is still present in the Brew House Fields area.

Water Rail: one was swimming across the river close to the Dukes Head Passage.

Fieldfare: one was feeding in the paddocks.

Redwing: sixty-five in small parties headed north-west.

Reed Bunting: one was in the rough area near the paddocks.


With something this bright to guide you, you cant go wrong.


Fieldfare in the paddock by Dukes Head Passage


Mistle Thrush, several small groups were flying around the park


This Fox took a leisurely stroll through the paddocks at lunchtime, with it seemed not a care in the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28th November

Regent’s Park

Firecrest: one was in the Scots Pine just north of the Public Toilets in area 1 this morning.

Siskin: ten were feeding in the Cricket Pen, area 31.

Lesser Redpoll: two flew over area 31.

Redwing: eight flew over.

Woodcock: one circled the Cricket Pen at 7.50am. Is it a new bird or the one that has been seen on three previous occasions.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

25th November

Pintail: a pair by area 8.

Mandarin Duck: 48 on area 8.

Shoveler: 34 on area 8.

Gadwall: 24 flew from area 33 on to the main lake.

Goldcrest: 6 feeding in shrubs by the fence to The Holme, area 10.

Firecrest: male feeding in area 10, was chased off by Goldcrests but returned when they had moved on.


Pintails by Heron Island, area 8.










Saturday, November 24, 2012

24th November

Regent’s Park

Waxwing: a first winter bird was found by birdman-euston at 10.50am. After receiving his text I was on site by the Shelter in the Avenue Gardens, area 20 by 11.05am. As it was raining I wasn’t sure whether to take my camera. I then made the wrong decision and left it in the car. Walking into the gardens I saw Gary standing looking towards the trees to the right of the shelter. He pointed out the bird, sitting at the back of an ornamental fruit tree. I rushed back to the car collected my camera and was back at the bird within minutes. It had moved even further back, but started moving up towards the top of the tree. The light was awful and I was trying to work out where to stand when it took off. After a bit of searching I picked it up on the other side of Chester Road feeding with a group of Blackbirds and Redwings. It was to far off for a photo and obscured by lots of branches. They then flew back towards me and I thought into a nearby Yew. It did utter its unmistakeable contact call but that was the last time the bird was seen, well that is up until now 12.30pm.

Fieldfare: eight flew over my garden this morning.

Redwing: six in area 20.

Blackbird: at least eighteen in and around area 20. 



You can tell that these photos were not taken in London today, I wish they had been. The flight view was similar to the last view I had of the bird.


Friday, November 23, 2012

23rd November

I am sorry for the lack of news this week but it is not entirely my fault. This weather isn’t the most conducive for bringing birds to the parks. On the days that looked promising I ended up attending meetings. So what is your reason for not contributing any news?

There is some good news from Regent’s though.

Firecrest: there are still several birds in the park, though the exact number isn’t known. Birds have been seen again in area 1 and 31. In the past when birds look to be thinking of wintering they keep to a territory.

Bushy Park

Lapwing: 2 flew over the Royal Paddocks 21/11.


Common Teal: a pair on the scrape.

Northern Shoveler: 3 pairs on Heron Pond.

Gadwall: 4 pairs also on Heron Pond.

Woodcock: I flushed one from scrub by the Longford River north of Dukes Head Passage.

Kingfisher: one flew over Heron Pond.

Meadow Pipit: one was over the Brew House Field.

Redwing: 18 flew over Heron Pond.


Teal on the scrape


I had this in my sights today but on pulling the trigger it kept on flying, never mind it is almost a good flight shot.



Nuthatch on my parakeet proof feeder


Monday, November 19, 2012

19th November

Regent’s Park

Woodcock: one flew low out of area 34 at 10.30am and dropped into the Cricket Pen area 31. It is possibly the bird seen twice in the last week and could possibly be seen at dusk feeding on the wet ground behind St Johns Lodge.

Firecrest: one was seen in area 1 at 3.15pm.

Bushy Park

European Wigeon: the drake is still present on the pools in the Brew House Fields.

Common Teal: five birds were on the scrape, it is now possible to view part of this from a recently cut viewing point mid-way between the Iron Bridge and the gate entrance from Dukes Head Passage into the park.

Common Snipe: one was on the scrape until at least 12.20am.

Water Rail: one was seen on the scrape.

Kingfisher: one flew along the river at 12.10pm and briefly landed.

Meadow Pipit: two small flocks were feeding north of Upper Lodge Road.

Fieldfare: two singles flew west.

Redwing: twenty-four flew west.

Siskin: four were with Goldfinches by the Longford River north of Dukes Head Passage.






Sunday, November 18, 2012

18th November

A crisp sunny day that was a little bit frustrating. I was in the park at 7.50am, my aim to see the Firecrest(s). I checked area 31,32, all of Queen Mary’s Gardens and areas 10 & 11. I encountered several small parties of mainly Long-tailed Tits but not many crests and certainly no Firecrests, well not at that time. It wasn’t until I had gone home at 10.00am and asked Sally (my wife) if she would like a walk around the park. We walked along the Broadwalk, which was very busy due to a 10km run. As we approached the back of the nursery area 23, the unmistakeable sound of a Firecrest could be heard. I quickly located a male and a female was almost alongside him. Great views were had but I this was just a leisurely stroll and I had no bins or camera. Never mind the views though not captured on a memory card will be remembered for a long time. I hadn’t been home long when I text from Castlehaven said that he had seen a Firecrest in the Cricket Pen at 11.20am. This wasn’t that far from my sighting, but only one was seen. We still don’t know if there are 2 or 3 birds present. Apart from the crests it was very quiet.


The shadow on the crest below gives it a slight look of a Firecrest