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Saturday, December 20, 2008

20th December

The Water Rail waits to make sure the coast is clear before coming out to feed on the pellets that I had put down for it.

Tawny Owl: Two males calling from areas 1 and 14 at 6.30am.
Water Rail: One bird still present in the ditch in area 2.
Siskin: Eight birds moving between area 24 and 26.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17th December

The Rail ditch from the far end(not open to the public).

At last fine weather and most importantly the bird showing well today, gave me a chance to take a couple of snaps

I popped to Norfolk for a day last week. I encountered a flock of over 8000 Pink-footed Geese feeding in a roadside field near Langham. They were spooked and took to the air, part of the flock can be seen in these two photos.

Frustrating news from yesterday, when what was almost certainly an adult Ring-billed Gull was seen distantly on the lake at 1.15pm, it flew off SW two minutes later.

Little Grebe: One on the lake east of Baker Street.
Grey Heron: Twenty-eight being fed by a naughty member of the public.
Mandarin: Twenty-six on the lake moslty around area 5.
Gadwall: Fourteen birds on the lake this afternoon.
Shoveler: Nine birds on the lake, back in the early 1990 we had flocks of up to 100 birds on the lake at this time of the year.
Common Teal: One drake on the lake.
Red crested Pochard: Thirty-six on the lake.
Water Rail: The bird in area 2 showed on and off throughout the day.
Fieldfare: Eight birds flew NW at 8.00am.
Siskin: Fourteen or so birds still in area 24.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16th December

Water Rail: The bird though elusive is still present in area 2. Maybe it is just that we dont give it enough time.
Siskin: At least fourteen birds are still present, prefering the Alders in area 24.

Monday, December 08, 2008

8th December

Water Rail: The bird in area 2 showed well as it fed on the bank with a Blackbird.
Redwing: Four birds flew over the rose gardens at 8.00am.
Siskin: The flock has increased to about twenty birds. They were seen flying in to area 1 and little earlier were at the north eastern end of area 26.
Goldcrest: A small flock of around ten birds are seen feeding in the Oaks by the path in area 2 most mornings.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

6th December

Eurasian Siskins feeding in area 26.

Little Owl: What is probably one of this years youngsters has been seen roosting in the Willow tree that is by the lake edge 5o yards from Long Bridge, area 25. It is best view from the duck identification board, it may also use the large Willow in the middle of the goose grazing pen.
Siskin: At least seven birds have been feeding in the Alder trees in area 25 and 26.
Lesser Redpoll: One was seen flying over area 26 with the Siskins, how ever it could not be found feeding with them.
Goldfinch: Still at least twenty birds visiting the feedind stations in area 1, 24 and 29. They still visit the garden by St Marks Bridge.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

3rd December

Firecrest: At last we have found one of these little gems, not a bright male, but she will do nicely. She was feeding in the Lime trees that line the Broadwalk, area 17 in the Avenue Gardens at 8.30am.
Peregrine: A juvenile male circled the open spaces at 8.20 am.
Redwing: Seven birds flew SE at 7.45am.