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Sunday, April 22, 2018

A very sunny weekend in Norfolk

Norfolk 20th to 22nd April

One of the warmest April weekends on record or so the forecasters said. In fact Friday afternoon when we (wife and I) arrived wasn't to bad, Saturday morning was very chilly and even with the sun out later in the day a jumper was needed unless you were in the sun but out of the wind. Then today was glorious and I nearly decided to have a lie in, that normally only happens if it is wet and cloudy. I had expected to wake up to sodden conditions again but the storms forecast for overnight didn't come our way. 

There were some spring migrants arriving and Ring Ouzels were seen at various sites along the coast. I chose to find my own birds and below are a few of the subjects that I bumped into.

Sunrise at Cley NWT Reserve

Hare is someone that is trying hard not to be noticed

This is a sight from yesteryear 

These 2 Cranes flew over my house as I was having lunch, later that day I saw some others at Hickling NWT reserve

Distant Bittern at Hickling NWT reserve

Spoonbill at Salthouse

Little Egret and a very distant Great White Egret at Cley NWT

Red Kite, Common Buzzard and Sparrowhawks over my house on Saturday lunchtime

Female Marsh Harrier at Hickling NWT reserve, the reserve is a great place to see these once scarce raptors

These were taken this morning at Potter Heigham Marshes. Last year there were a couple of pairs breeding at this new reserve, at the moment there are up to 10 birds present. I was very lucky that one drake came quite close.  

Cetti's Warbler at Cley NWT reserve