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Saturday, December 29, 2007

29th December

Some of the highlights in the park during 2007

Great crested Grebes had a reasonable season with 3 pairs being successful.
Little Grebes found it hard going, young were killed by coots.
These Sparrowhawks found the feeding station in area 24 to their liking.

Two of the seven kestrels that fledged, the lower bird being rescued from long grass.

This Water Rail spent the winter by Hanover Bridge, area 2.
This adult Yellow-legged Gull is a regular visitor to the lake.
This Meditterrranean Gull pu in a very brief appearance.
Hopefully Common Terns will soon breed in the park.
Stock Dove numbers seemed to have dipped slightly, maybe due to the presence of Sparrowhawks at all the feeding stations.
The only Tawny Owlet of the year.
Two of the three Little Owl young, a real bonus.

Kingfisher in area 1, could this be the next new species to breed in the park?
Green and Great spotted Woodpecker, the only species found in the park. There was a reprt of a Lesser Spotted at the feeding staion in area 24 in October.

This was one of three Whinachts recorded this year.
Northern Wheater males in spring, the bird below is of the Greenland race. This was the first year that I did not see one during the autumn in 3o years in the park.

Last year this bird bred in the reed bed in area 26, this year it failed to attract a mate and moved to area 2. The wet spring caused birds to fail due to nests being washed out and a lack of food.
Greater Whitethroat, this bird also failed to breed due to the weather.
This species was recorded in slightly increased numbers this autumn.
Nuthatch, this bird spent 12 days in the park during July.
Pied and Spotted Flycatcher, numbers were down. Probably due to the lack of winds from the continent.

It was good to see parties of Goldfinch juveniles at the feeding stations and feeding on thistles and teasles in the park.
Greenfiches and a few Chaffinches sufered from trichomoniasis this autumn. At one point there were no Greenfinches coming to the feeding stations.
One of up to fifteen Siskins that have been present on and off since October.
Reed Bunting male singing by the boathouse cafe.

After last years record breaking year, we were two species behind on 120. I managed to see all apart from Honey Buzzard and Lapwing. You may think this total indicates a good number of passage migrants. In fact weather conditions on the whole were unfavourable. Below is a pick of the best sightings.

2 birds flew over the leaf yard wood 29/1.
Common Snipe:
1 by the edge of the lake 7/2 and another in the wetland 21/12.
1 dropped in during a heavy downpour 3/3.
Water Rail:
One over wintered and two birds were present in March.
Mediterranean Gull:
1 put in a brief appearance on the 7/3.
Reed Bunting:
Two pairs were present, with breeding confirmed in one location.
2 birds were present in two locations from 10/3 until 14/3.
Grey Heron:
Young were in the nests from February until October.
Honey Buzzard:
2 singles were seen by Dave on 1/6 and 28/8.
Common Buzzard:
A record year with birds recorded on seventeen dates.
Red Kite:
4 birds recorded on three dates from 6/4 until 14/4.
Marsh Harrier:
Two singles, a female 14/4 and a male 10/10.
Jack Snipe:
One was flushed from the wetland 14/4.
Tawny Owl:
1 pair raised 1 youngster, another pair was present in Queen Mary's.
Little Owl:
1 pair bred, the first record ever in Central London.
Stone Curlew: 1 bird flew low over the open spaces 25/4.
Little-ringed Plover:
1 flew south-west 28/4.
Turtle Dove:
The only record involved 1 bird on 25/4.
Ring Ouzel:
1 female 28/4 and then 3 over on 8/10.
Arctic Tern:
1 over on 30/4.
Bar-tailed Godwit:
1 flew south-east 1/5.
Sandwich Tern:
1 north 3/5.
Birds were recorded on three dates, the best year since 1980.
A very god year with birds recorded on sixteen dates.
One seen in February, then up to two from 27/7 until the years end.
A scarce visitor, 1 was present from 15/7 until 25/7.
Little Egret:
1 flew east 19/7.
1 male 10/10 by the bandstand.
Rock Pipit:
1 flew over 11/10.
Nothern Lapwing:
The only record for the year was a sinlge bird 20/10.
A male was present 3/11, when seen chasing finches.
For the first time for many years birds have been present since October.

Monday, December 24, 2007

24th December

I am sorry that I haven't kept you informed of what has been going on in the park.
The main reason being that I have had problems with my PC. Mind you it has been fairly quiet. But here is some belated news.

Fieldfare: 6 on the 18th flew NE.
Siskin: 15 birds in areas 24,25 and 26 on 20th.
Common Snipe: 1 was present all day in the wetland, area 25 on 21st.
Kestrel: A pair displaying over area 25 on 21st.
Siskin: 15 birds still present in and around area 26 on 23rd.
Shoveler: 7 birds on the lake 24th is the highest count of the autumn/winter. Numbers in the 1980's used to reach 150+.
Egyptian Goose: 25 birds were in area 26.
Tawny Owl: The male was roosting in area 29, surrounded by Goldcrests, Long t t Tits, Blue, Great and Coal tits and Chaffinches.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11th December

As things have been quiet lately and xmas is coming here is a little teaser that was photographed in the park.

I am sorry the site has been quiet for over a week, there really has been nothing to report. We have been trying, but the weather has been a little bit against us.

Peregrine Falcon: A probable male flew south over my house at 15.20pm.
Redwing: 18 birds flew NE in small groups.
Fieldfare: 7 birds flew NW.
Blackcap: 2 females were feeding on the Mediterranean border in Queen Mary's, area 14.
Tawny Owl: 1 screeching in area 2 at 6.20am.
Kestrel: The male was again displaying over area 25 this morning. It has been done this several times in recent days.
Greater Black-backed Gull: 3 birds flew east at 7.50am.
Grey Heron. Birds are taking up there nest sites and at times can be seen calling and displaying from their nests. If it stays relatively mild they could begin laying eggs by the end of the year.
Egyptian Goose: 18 birds fed on the grass by the lake early morning.

Monday, December 03, 2007

3rd December

Redwing: 70 birds over, with a few stopping off to feed in area 29.
Fieldfare: 35 mixed in with the above.
Siskin: Up to four birds still in area 26.
Little Grebe: 1 bird on the lake in area 5.

1st December

Siskins feeding in area 26

Fieldfare: 75 flew west at 8.00am.
Redwing: 16 birds feeding in area 29.
Siskin: 7 birds feeding in area 29.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

29th November

Fieldfare: 55 flew west before 8.00am.
Redwing: 20 in the company of the above.

28th November

Redwing: 100 SW, they had possibly been feeding in the American Ambassadors residence, area 1.
Fieldfare: 25 flew SW.
Common Teal: A pair by the island, area 5.
Northern Pintail: A nervous duck in area 26 and a drake with the Teal.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27th November

I had a phone call from Rupert at the Wetland Centre this morning to say that the flock of 13 Goosanders had just left and were heading NE. Unfortuantely we were unable to pick them up, never mind. It is good to have someone to call, in our case birds tend to fly either NE towards us or SW in the dirction of the centre

Fieldfare: 6 birds were feeding in area 29.
Redwing: Up to a dozen were feeding on Holly berries in area 29.
Common Teal: Two ducks and a drake flew from area 26 onto the main lake on the north side of Heron Island area 5.
Red crested Pochard: 32 fully winged birds were on the main lake.

26th November

Chiffchaff: 2 single birds on the isalnds on the main lake.
Fieldfare: 60 bird flew over, with a few birds perching briefly before moving on NNE.
Redwing: 12 birds mixed in with the above birds.
Tawny Owl: The two male were very vocal around 6.00am from areas 1 and 12.
Egyptian Goose: 17 birds were on the lake, again birds were seen to fly in from the SW.
Little Grebe: 1 bird was on the lake, my first sighting for a while, but I haven,t really been looking for them.

Friday, November 23, 2007

23rd November

Kingfisher in area 1
Green Woodpecker or Yaffle in area 1

Hedgehogs are very scarce in Central London, Regents Park is probably their last stronghold. This one was seen in area 25 this morning. If you should see any I would be very grateful, even if it is in Camden or Westminster.
This evenings full moon

Fieldfare: At least 80 birds flew northish prior to 9.00am, in 4 flocks plus the odd stragglers.
Redwing:15 birds were mixed in with the above.
Siskin: 2 birds flew north over the canal.
Kingfisher: One possibly two birds were in area 1. Lately by standing on the blue bridge nearest the playground one bird has been visible diving for fish at the end of the lake.
Tawny Owl: Two birds were flying around the trees in area 27 at 6.30am.
Ring-necked Parakeet: Four birds were in Queen Mary's, area 12 this morning.
Egyptian Goose: 10 birds around the lake, four birds flew in from the SW at 8.00am.

Monday, November 19, 2007

19th November

Not the best of days for birding, with just a couple of interesting waterfowl and one species that can clear off.

European Wigeon: 1 female circled high over the lake.
Northern Pintail: 1 female was on the main lake.
Egyptian Goose: 12 birds were on the lake, where are these b----rs coming from.

Friday, November 16, 2007

16th November

The Woodcocks were flushed in this area.
If you stand by the tall Limes behind the Gorse you could get lucky, with Woodcock and Tawny Owl just before dusk.

Woodcock: Two birds were flushed in area 29 at 9.30am. We thought we should check out the wood for the first time in a week. With a bit of luck these birds might come out just before dusk and feed on the tracks and grass outside area 29 and in area 30. It would be best to stand by the Lime trees and wait patiently scanning the boundary of the wood. Don't get locked in
Chiffchaff: 1 calling and showing well in the tall Poplar trees outside area 29.
Redwing: Three in area 29 and at least one feeding in the Yew trees at the top of Chester Road, area 12.
Siskin: At least one bird heard several times around area 26.
Common Teal: Three drakes and a female flying between area 1 and 26.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

14th November

Fieldfare: A flock of 35 flew N.
Redwing: 1 accompanied of the above.
Skylark: 1 circled the open spaces at 9.20am.
Siskin: 1 flew over
Owl sp: A report of a large owl flying between area 24 and 26 at 8.45am.

Monday, November 12, 2007

12th November

This is the unforunate female Sparrowhawk that flew into a window last week , but did not recover.

Fileldfare: A flock of 14 flew N at 7.55am, another fed in a Yew tree in area 12.
Redwing: 12 birds in and over Queen Mary's Gardens, several feeding in the same tree as the above.
Blackcap: Two males in the Mediterranean border, area 14.
Siskin: 3 birds in area 26 in Alder tree.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

11th November

Another shower heads in at Eccles on Sea Norfolk
Common Shelducks head into the wind

Just back from a very windy and slightly damp couple of days on the east Norfolk coast. I managed to get in about 4 hours sea watching over the two days plus a drive along the coast from Yarmouth to Eccles on Sea.

Sea Watching highlights:
90 Little Auks
1 Sooty Shearwater
2 Pomarine Skuas
2 Arctic Skuas
1 Great Northern Diver
3 Black throated Divers
1 Red Necked Grebe
180 Common Scoters
4 Eiders
8 Goldeneyes
1 Purple Sandpiper
12 Snow Buntings

Coastal Drive: ( in heavy drizzle)
1000 Pink-footed Geese
1000 Golden Plovers
10 Ruff
3 Common Cranes (family group)
4 Marsh Harriers

Thursday, November 08, 2007

8th November

The identity of the mystery bird has been solved by I hope all of those who look at this site, It is a female Sardinian Warbler. Piers was the first person to workout the birds identity, so well done. If you would like to wander around the park one weekend morning let me know. The females mate would have been a much easier challenge. I will have to think of another challenge for everyone.

Lighter winds today with a overcast skies gave a few birds the chance to pass overhead.

Fieldfare: 14 headed west in two groups.
Redwing: 18 birds also headed west.
Linnet: 1 flew east.
Lesser Redpoll: 1 flew north.
Brambling: A female was feeding in an Oak tree with 25 Chaffinches in area 15. This was probably the bird that had been seen in Nursery Lodge on Monday.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7th November

You now have all you need to end this ID challenge. Please post what should be your final and correct answere. I will anounce the person who is the first, and have to think of a prize, maybe a couple of hours birding in the park.

A very quiet day with nothing of note to report. We did get our hopes up when I received a phone call from a birder at the Wetland Centre saying that a Short-eared Owl was flying in our general direction. Even scanning from the top of Primrose Hill we were unable to find it. Never mind you can never see everything, even though it would be great to do so.