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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Highlights from a quiet February's

Regent's Park in February

In general it was a very quiet month on the bird front, highlights were; 3 Water Rail (1 in area 2 and 2 in area 32), there were possibly 2m Reed Buntings and late in the month a flock of at least 45 Redwings were feeding on the eastern side of the park. The winds on the 23rd brought down several trees and quite a few branches, it picked up sheets of water from the surface of the lake.

Feb pictorial

Above the male was seen mounting the female and then a couple of days later the rolls were reversed and the female mounted the male.

 The Mute Swan looked impressive with a very blue background

 The blustery day in the park

2 Kestrel boxes were put up in the Wetland Pen, replacing one of the others that had began to come apart.