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Friday, April 22, 2016

The week ends on a high

Regent's Park

With a cool, no cold wind blowing from the east before moving around to the north at the end of the week, we weren't expecting masses of birds. We were right numbers of migrants were  low and took a lot of looking for.  There were 12 Swalllow's, 6 Willow Warblers and a Sedge Warbler on Monday 19th after that things were slow. We had high expectations as good numbers of birds were being seen on the south coast and at bird observatories around the country. Today a sign that things were changing, was the sighting of 4 Sedge Warbler's around the reed beds in areas 2 and 5. There was a trickle of Swallows headed north, keeping low as the flew into a head wind. Then a couple of Lesser Whitethroat's in areas 19 & 39 were followed by 4 Common Whitethroat's in area 39 & 40. The morning and the days highlights ended when a I glimpsed a male Common Redstart fly from area 39 to area 41. I couldn't relocate it and the throbbing sound of 3 Helicopters leaving the American Ambassadors residence didn't help. However it had moved back to area 39 and was found by a diligent birder.

Below are some of my photographic highlights taken this week.

This Mistle Thrush was feeding young but where.
 This Chiffchaff was collecting nesting material.

A dress rehearsal for the forthcoming arrival of the President of the USA scared the living daylights out of this gull. 

 The Sedge Warbler in area 5 is becoming more and more vocal, hopefully this means he is hoping to stay.

 Are this is where the nest is!

 Blackcap's are in good voice around the park.

Not a bat but a displaying Sedge Warbler

 The male Kestrel is puffed up trying to keep warm on a chilly day, while the female shelters in the nest box

 This male Firecrest was in good voice but also very mobile by the wooded bridge behind Regent's College 
 One of 3 males in area 2 on Friday
Someone goes joy riding 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Regent's Park

Regent's Park

Grey Heron: a second pair look to have occupied another of our Heron nesting baskets.
Common Buzzard: one few through mid morning.
Peregrine: a male went in pursuit of a distant target.
Kestrel: what was possibly a migrating male flew through at a very high altitude.
Sparrowhawk: similar to the above bird a male headed north and kept going.
Swallow: 5 singles flew through:
Northern Wheatear: a male was on the cricket squares but kept on retreating to the tops of nearby trees when flushed.
Pied Flycatcher: the male was still present and favouring the area of trees just outside area 41. Keep to the short grass while watching, otherwise the bird will move into area 41 and be out of sight.
Sedge Warbler: three birds were in the reed beds near the boat house, 1 in area 2 and the others in area 5.
Willow Warbler: 4 birds were singing.

    Pied Flycatcher

    Northern Wheatear


    There appears to be only 1 chick in the basket but the others might be crouched down.

    This Mallard looks to be a bit worried about his landing.

    This pair of Mandarins have taken a liking to the bird drinking hole in area 41.